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Long-term rent Commercial | Baniyas | Baniyas AED 75,000 per year
1 photo
Shop for rent with 2 floors in baniyas area,by stonehenge property management For more information and inquiries kindly contact us:stonehenge property managementtel:+971 2 644. Read more...
Size: 322 sq ft
Price/sqft:232.9 AED
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Long-term rent 5-bed | Villas | Baniyas AED 240,000 per year
14 photos
Bani yas - independent villa - ideal living environment, offering top class amenities This project is a distinct and inspiring development offering a refined, free-spirited atmosphere. Read more...
5 beds
Size: 4571 sq ft
Price/sqft:52.5 AED
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Long-term rent 5-bed | Villas | Baniyas AED 250,000 per year
10 photos
Attractive stand alone five bedroom villa available for rent Attractive stand alone 5 bedroom villa in baniyas with 634 sqm living space and over 1000sqm. Read more...
5 beds
Size: 6500 sq ft
Price/sqft:38.5 AED
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