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Leasing Property in Dubai

Leasing a property in Dubai is different to many other places. 

When leasing a property in Dubai, it is typical for a tenant to pay in post-dated cheques.

Cheques need to be written for:

  • All installments for the rent due to the landlord via post-dated cheques;
  • Security deposit for the property;
  • Commission for the agency (if an agency was used).

It used to be practice, less common by the day, to demand the entire annual rent in one cheque in advance.  However, landlords will now take several post-dated cheques for the year.

Once a property is leased, the DEWA (utilities) and telephone/broadband/tv services need to be connected in the tenant's name. New connections have to be made in person with the tenancy contract and a passport and visa copy. It is not possible to set up these services in your name if you do not have a UAE residency visa.

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