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Where to stay in Dubai

Dubai short-term rentals, holiday rentals and weekly, monthly prices

The guide below will help you decide on which areas are right for you. You can click on each particular area for further information on accommodation offerings, tourist attractions and prices in that area.

You may also find the Dubai Short Term Rental price guide table at the bottom of the page very useful when deciding which areas are suitable for your budget.

Dubai Marina

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Dubai Short Term Rentals Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the world's largest man-made Marina. It is a stunning bustling area filled with magnificent high rise towers and a string of exceptional restaurants.


Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Short Term Rentals Palm Jumeirah The Palm Jumierah is often described as the 8th wonder of the world. It is a man-made island shaped like a Palm tree. It offers true luxury and lifestyle and is already home to numerous celebrities. It offers the perfect idyllic beach paradise holiday in the heart of new Dubai.

Emirates Hills

Emirate Hills Short Term Rentals Dubai Emirates Hills is the leafy, low rise, master-planned community that offers a relaxed lifestyle in a central location. This green and leafy area is set around golf courses and is dotted with beautiful man made lakes and walkways alongside perfectly manicured lawns on what used to be a desert.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Dubai Short Term Rentals Jumeirah Lakes Towers Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a waterfront community comprising attractive residential and office towers alongside hotels, leisure and retail outlets. Jumeirah Lakes Towers is situated adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road opposite the Dubai Marina. There are many towers here under construction.

Al Barsha

Al Barsha Short Term and Long Term Rentals Dubai Al Barsha is a good value area situated in between new Dubai and Old Dubai and benefits from being next to the Mall of the Emirates. There are flats and many villa communities in this area in addition to the many new excellent restaurants that have opened recently.

Business Bay & Downtown Burj Khalifa

Burj Dubai Short Term and Long Term Rentals Dubai Areas known as Business Bay or Downtown, are the new central business district of Dubai. This area is home to the world's tallest building (Burj Khalifa) and the world's largest mall (Dubai Mall). A mix of modern skyscrapers with low rise Arabic themed areas such as the Old Town.

Dubai Short term rentals area guide

The Palm Jumierah and Business Bay/Downtown areas are typically the most expensive. Dubai Marina has a range of properties that can be very expensive to more affordable options depending on the views and the building quality. Jumierah Lakes Towers tend to be lower priced and good value due to the current lack (due to construction) of retail options within walking distance. Emirates Hills also provides slightly lower priced options which is still a 5-10 min taxi ride to the major attractions.

Detailed price guides and accommodation information can be found by going in to the area guide for a particular area above.

The range of prices for short-term rentals in Dubai reflects the quality of the apartments and developments and also the rates charged by different owners and companies.

Peak season is generally the winter (Nov-Feb) period when the weather in Dubai is superb. Other peak periods are during Ramadan and special events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival. The low season is the summer season which is between July-October.